to A website Of Sorts

My first intention was to create a blog about my garden revamp that i started in May 2017, showing how i created it from my initial design, through its ongoing construction and hopefully one day to how i finish it… if thats ever a reality.

However, it took almost two years for me to start blogging ( which i eventually did in January 2019 ) and now having caught up to date with my latest blog post, I’ve set myself another project to showcase all my other creations that i’ve produced throughout the years. That requires more than just a single blog page though, so this website was created to not only enable me to showcase my creations but to also continue blogging about my ongoing garden revamp – A Garden Of Sorts –

The garden blog has now been relocated in its own section unsurprisingly titled ‘BLOG‘ in the main menu.

The CREATIONS section showcases numerous projects that i have undertaken over many years of creating, some for family and friends, some for gifts, some that were commissioned and some for pure pleasure of creating… so check out the again unsurprisingly titled Creations from the main menu.

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