Advent Calendar

These Christmas Tree Advent Calendars were another experiment of mine using cardboard tubes stacked on their sides and covered both ends to create 24 separate compartments that were pre-filled with various treats and small gifts.

After sealing both the front and back with a layer of card the front of the tubes were cut out to form each compartment before being painted inside in various coloured acrylic. Once dry the compartments were filled with ‘surprises’ and then sealed with a sheet of thin card which i then painted and decorated with tinsel. Each compartment was then perforated to enable a simple ‘punch out’ opening before being randomly numbered from 1 to 24.

In hindsight i should have used paper for the front layer to make an easier break through due to small children not having the necessary punch force needed. However with the aid of a toy hammer this problem was soon resolved and hidden ‘surprises’ easily gained.

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