Star Chart

A simple concept I came up with to give has a present for a friends newborn child. Since my first gift I have created many charts for family and friends, each one personal to themselves.

A hand painted chart showing the exact position of the stars ( constellations ) and planets in relation to the births location, date and time, The centre of the chart represents the zenith ( directly overhead ) with the circumference representing the horizon. Mapped on the chart is the position of both star constellations and planets. The outer circle showing the twelve signs of the zodiac with the appropriate birth sign taking position at the top. The four corner symbols represent the four elements ( earth, fire, water & air ) with their representive planets.

I have now adapted this concept into a multilayered papercutout design since buying my self a paper cutter machine last year and experimenting with various styles.

Here’s a photo showing the chart I created for the birth of my grandson Isaac. The silver layer is cut from ‘lazer’ card, the centre chart is drawn by the machine after plotting it out on the software.

Whilst using the design software to create the paper cut out version i realised that it could be saved as a Jpeg file (photo) and so i have also created another format that can be saved and printed out on a home printer or processed as a photo. Below is my prototype that i have in an A4 format but my intention is to resize the design to an 8″x10″ size (as the paper cut out version). This is a more regular size for photos and popularity of availability frames.

Prototype of printed version.

To be continued…

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